*A dental record will be kept after every session.

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning


Woodland Paws now offers emmi-pet. Emmi-pet is the most effcient and most hygenic way of keeping your pets teeth healthy and clean.

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Emmi-pet uses ultrasonic technology that rapidly and completely removes contaminates from the pets teeth. Ultrasonic scaling is a dental procedure used to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of a dog’s teeth. It is typically part of a larger procedure that involves cleaning and polishing the dog’s teeth. Ultrasonic scaling can help alleviate signs of periodontal disease, including inflammation of the gums, bad breath, and yellow or discolored teeth.

our service looks and feels like a traditional electric toothbrush, but really isn’t working as such, since it cleans with ultrasound. Existing toothbrushes (e.g. manual brushes, electrical brushes, sonic brushes) work mechanically (20,000-30,000 vibrations per minute) by brushing bristles against the enamel (we call this macro-cleaning). Emmi-pet works without any motion and rather by ultrasound (we call this micro-cleaning with up to 96 million oscillations per minute)

Introducing the new emmi pet teeth cleaning. Providing your pet with protection against gingervitis, oral cavity disease, plaque and tatar build up and bad breath. 

Emmi-pet guarentees to show results after only three sessions.

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Why an ultrasonic clean?

£20 - First Session: Consoltation and Personal brush. (this can be kept here in your dogs dental file or you can take home with you and bring each time

£10 - Per session.