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Woodland Paws Dog Grooming & Dog Grooming Courses, Kent


None of the fancy stuff just a simple de-mudding

* walk in appointments available, for bath & dry

prices from £10


  Dog Grooming Services & Price guide 


  Walk in services, Nail Trim £5 - £10                      

  Dry feet face or sanitary trim - £10-15 


 Stylist Prices                                                                   XS           SM          Med        Large        XL

 Puppy Groom up to 6 months old                                £20          £20        £20          £30        POA

  Short Hair Shampoo & Blow Dry                                  £10          £20         £30          £40        POA  
  Long Hair Shampoo & Blow Dry                                   £25          £30         £30          £45        POA 

  Tidy Trim (feet, face & Sanitary)                                £30          £35        £35           £40        POA
Full Body clip                                                                £37         £37        £40           £60         POA

  Clip & Scissor                                                                £40          £40        £45           £65        POA 
Handstripping                                                              £45           £55       £60           £70        POA

All Grooms include
nail trimming , two shampoos .  Dry and brush out , dematting if necessary (additional costs may incur) & Styling -

Please ask about our loyalty card, receive 10% off your first full groom and then every other thereafter.

*does not include baths or puppy grooms

Puppy grooms

It is paramount that you take your puppy to a groomers from 16wks of age, for a puppy groom which includes a bath, dry, eye, feet and sanitary trim plus a nail trim. This experience prepares your puppy for their future grooms, it familiarises them with the salon environment,noises, other dogs, blaster dryers, standing on a table, clippers and scissors, strange women talking to them in funny voices etc a bath at home is not the same. it takes between 40 mins to 1 hour and costs £20. we recommend 2 or 3 before they are 6 months and ready for their first adult styling.

Student Grooms

Student Grooms 50% off, same groom, with the safety of an experienced tutor and groomer working with the student one on one, then adding the finishing touches, your dog could not be in safer hands as all students working towards their level 3 Diploma. same quality trim, for half the price, just takes a little bit longer. 

FREE grooms for exam dogs, supervised city & guilds assessments, we need well behaved dogs, in any pet trim. 

please ask for more details


Why not include a spa treatment £ 2 each or 6 for £10 - Book upon check in

* Breath Freshening                               £2              * Facial scrub                                                £2                

* Colour enhancing shampoo               £2              * Paw Exfoliation and massage with Oils    £2

* ​Conditioning Butter treatment      £2              * Collar Bow/bow tie                                    £2 


 The prices above are a guide only, and may  change depending on the individual dog,  unfortunately we may place additional costs  for difficult behaviour, fleas & dematting, Please see our matting policy below, we will discuss prior to grooming  during our  consultation or contact you during the groom to inform you, before going ahead. 
we also do not shampoo on the same day as handstripping this can be booked in 3 days later.

Our matting policy
Although we do try our best to de matt small areas to acheive a longer style, there is unfortunately a limit to our magic, we have to put the dogs welfare first and for this reason we will only dematt if your pet is comfortable with it and will stop as soon as they are not. During our consultation we will assess if dematting is an option. In some cases the matts are too far spread and too tight and will need to be clipped off, we will talk about this with you and ask you to sign a disclaimer stating you are happy for us to do what is best for your pet.